Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Now taking orders for Bb/F Heritage concertinas

I am now taking orders for Heritage concertinas pitched in the Keys of Bb/F. As you know, my Heritage concertinas are made the traditional way, with steel reed tongues, brass reed frames, dovetailed into a hardwood reedpan. Bb/F concertinas have a very sweet tone, and are very good for accompanying singing, or playing a lot of the Scottish repertoire that you might find in "The Skye Collection," for example. The Bb/F concertina is also popular with several top Irish players who use it as a second instrument. It can be played with the very same fingering to produce familiar tunes and melodies in different keys. i.e. Bb, F, C, and Eb, being the easiest. Please contact me at fedgley@cogeco.ca or edgleyconcertinas@gmail.com .

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Instruments in the Works.

I am currently working on a few Hybrid models as well as a couple of Heritage Model concertinas. The Hybrid Models include an ebony C/G concertina. These instruments will be made with hand-made Italian-style reeds. The Heritage instruments include an ebony concertina with rosewood trim, as well as a bocote model with ebony trim. Both these instruments will use genuine concertina reeds. They are intended to be Wheatstone fingering, but could be changed to Jeffries if ordered before the reedpans are completed. The wait time for any of these instruments will not be long and should be measured in weeks, rather than months. These are not imports, but hand-crafted concertinas made here in my shop, in Windsor. Please e-mail me at fedgley@cogeco.ca for more details.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Experienced Workers

My daughter has worked in my shop for a number of years. She does the leather work, lines and pads the cases, finishes the bellows, and does the major part of the tuning. She has been associated with concertinas her whole life as this photo shows. She now has a son of her own, just a bit younger than she was when I took this pictures quite a few years ago. fedgley@cogeco.ca

Friday, October 11, 2013

More Pictures

This is Heritage number 408.....a little bit fancier, with Mexican bocote wood body and handles, both capped with ebony. As with all Heritage Concertinas, it was made using steel concertina reeds with brass reed shoes dovetailed into a hardwood reed pan. This one went to a player in Toronto. I am currently working on another Heritage which has an ebony body with bocote trim. It should be ready for sale in a few months. Contact me at fedgley@cogeco.ca .

Friday, October 4, 2013


Concertina 409 has been sold. Many thanks!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

New Heritage Model Available Immediately

This kind of situation occurs from time to time due to the economy. I was about a week from completing one of my concertina-reeded instruments when the customer notified me that due to financial pressures he was unable to take delivery on that instrument. It is now available right away. It is solid ebony, with a solid hardwood reedpan, steel concertina reeds in brass frames, early 20th century design grill etc. I recently took it to the Squeeze-in in Massachusetts where it got very good reviews from knowledgable players. Please send me an e-mail at fedgley@cogeco.ca if you would like more details, or call me at 519-991-3100.