Saturday, April 13, 2013

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Learning Materials
Concertina Instruction Book
“The Anglo Concertina, A Handbook of Tunes & Methods” with CD------------------$35

Session Tune Book
“Irish Traditional Melodies” 96 tunes with 2 CDs-------------------------------------------$38

Instructional DVD
“Frank Edgley’s How to Play the Concertina”----------------------------------------------$35

Music CDs
- Irish traditional music featuring fiddle and concertina by Frank Edgley and others----$10

“The Anglo International”
-3 CD compilation with anglo concertina players from around the world featuring concertina greats Noel Hill, Mary MacNamara, Chris Sherburn, and more.
Includes 42 page colour insert ------------------------------------------------------------------$45

NEW CD! "Flee as a Bird" Tunes from Ireland, Scotland, Northumberland and Lancashire, played by Frank Edgley on concertinas of his own making.----$15

No taxes if shipped outside of Canada
Within Ontario add 13% HST
NB add 13% HST: BC add 12% HST, QC add 13%
Within Canada but outside of Ontario, QC, BC add 5%

Within North America:
One Item add $8
Each additional item add $5

To the UK and Ireland
One item $12
Each additional item add $5

Other destinations:
Cost on request.

Frank Edgley Concertinas makes top quality handcrafted concertinas to each customer’s order. You will not find a concertina with a faster reed or button response. They are exceedingly well made and should last several generations. Concertinas made with hand-made Italian-style accordion reeds, and also with English-style concertina reeds. Please contact Edgley Concertinas at 519-991-3100 or e-mail me at or for a more detailed list of models and options. Ask about our new concertina-reeded Heritage Model. Price lists/order forms on request. Edgley Concertinas can be viewed at: and .

Payment may be made by personal cheque, bank money order, cash, travellers cheque, Western Union or bank wire transfer, and now PAY PAL.

Books, CDs, and DVDs may be paid for using PAY PAL. Deposits on concertina purchases may be paid for using Pay Pal. Final Payments for concertinas must be made using other methods of payment.

Invoices and ordering:
Please send an e-mail to to order any items. I will send the invoice to you at your e-mail address. You will have the option of paying by PAY PAL or by other method. Please contact me if there are any questions at .

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