Tuesday, November 29, 2022

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Friday, November 25, 2022




Edgley #590 arrived several days ago in good shape.  I’ve spent quite a bit of time playing it since then and I have been very very  pleased.

The sound, to my ears, is outstanding—very balanced, wonderful tone and can be played quietly but is still able to get good volume when enough pressure is applied to the bellows.  The reeds seem to be very responsive and sound quickly.  The bellows are also the most supple of any of the new concertinas I have played.  Lastly,  I think your cabinet work on the body is excellent.  

 Thanks to you and your team for building such a fine instrument. It was well worth the wait.

K H 




Monday, October 17, 2022

Heritage Concertina for Sale 


This is a new post for one of my Heritage concertinas - #403. A former customer contacted me recently about selling his Heritage Concertina # 403. When I received it, I was very pleased! it plays extremely well with a good, solid "concertina tone." To be completely honest with you, I really considered keeping it for myself and buying it without posting it, here. It is ebony with bloodwood trim, and has a seven deep fold very airtight bellows.  However, I do have a personal Heritage instrument of my own. I'm supposed to be a maker, not a collector. To be very honest with you, I would put this instrument up against any other maker's instrument, it plays and sounds that good! Please contact me at frankedgley@gmail.com or fedgley@cogeco.ca, or call me at 519-991-3100.

I am pleased to announce that this concertina has found a new home!

 Testimonial from a Long-Ago and "New Customer"

#589 arrived safe and sound in our home - this beauty (Professional Model with yellow box eucalyptus burl and bloodwood ends isn't "mine", but my 17-year-old daughter's... thankfully she shares! 

My old box is Frank's #4, made a good 22 years ago. It had replaced a wheezy Renelli and I remember it as an absolute godsend. Years went on, and oddly my little girl wanted to play concertina too - I thought it might just be a phase, but no, she took to it with the same crazy desire that can't be denied. And then of course, we needed another concertina; yea! Frank and Gwen, to my absolute delight, are still making concertinas so many years later. There's something really quite special in seeing craftmanship carry on, incrementally tweaked and improved on, and rare that we get experience an end product so real and fine these days.

This new #589 has completely seduced us. I'll start playing it, and just get carried away with the tune because it's so easy play! The expression that comes from its responsive button action and soft bellows feels no different than singing from my own lungs. And the speed - my daughter said, "My brain can hardly keep up with the speed of the buttons! ". I really don't think you have to 'break in' this concertina either, it plays like it has been in our hands forever already.

My fingers are stiffer than years before; I had become lazy and left many triplets out, or just lamely glanced off the buttons anymore. But this box doesn't let me do that. Every single button gently touched responds like it's reading my mind and all of a sudden I'm playing so much better and wondering, "Was that me playing?! I thought I couldn't do that anymore...". 

With two Edgley's in the house now, we can play together like never before. My daughter used to kindly use the wheezy Renelli because she was much better at compensating than I was. But with the addition of this new Edgley, we can let it fly - what a wild feeling. They sound different too, #4 is louder, a more brassy tone that keeps things light, lively and awake. #589 has a sweet, mellow tone, smooth like honey; an earthy richness much like my grandpa's harmonica - sure warms a room up.

Often, I just like to watch her play, and find myself saying over and over, "My God that's a beautiful instrument...".

Thursday, May 19, 2022

 Heritage Concertina for Sale

I have a Heritage Concertina for sale. It was made in my shop a couple of years ago. The present owner, a former employee, has decided his heart is not in it and has decided to sell. It has hardly been played. It will be tuned and checked over before shipping. Ebony with rosewood trim. For more information, contact me at fedgley@cogeco.ca .

Sunday, December 5, 2021

 All the Way from Australia

The following is a testimonial from someone in Australia who just received his instrument. he specifically asked that we publish his comments:

"Hi, Frank,

It is now a week since my new Professional model concertina was delivered, thank you. It is a magnificent instrument, it has exceeded my expectations. Your workmanship is superb, it is beautiful to look at and an absolute joy to play and has a wonderful warm tone.
My first thought was, "I am not worthy of this instrument, but there is no way I will give it back! The reeds speak so easily, it is incredibly responsive, the action is light and fast. I have noticed an immediate improvement in my playing. I will own this instrument until the day I die!

Thank you,

Chris R,

South Australia"

Chris's concertina is lower left.

Monday, September 13, 2021



Unsolicited Testimonial

I thought I'd publish this testimonial that I got from a customer named John A, which was sent to me a while back. It also mentioned an Italian make as well as a well-known maker of instruments which use English-style reeds, like I do with my Heritage model. I have blocked out the latter's name as I don't want to have any bad feelings between us.