Wednesday, November 19, 2014

New Heritage Edgley Concertina by Judah Zakoor
After working for me for five years, I am pleased to show you a really great concertina made by one of my assistants, Judah Zakoor. It is a Heritage in C/G Wheatstone fingering. It is every bit as much an Edgley as if I had made it myself. The body is a particularly nice piece of Jatoba with ebony trim and has matching Jatoba handles capped with ebony. This is Judah's concertina and he is offering it for sale. I have gone over it and played it and can enthusiatically endorse it. Please contact Judah at for details.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Facebook Page
Check out our Facebook page. It is updated a bit more frequently, and shows what's going on in the shop, photos of the shop, etc. It is managed by Judah Zakoor, who has been working with me for about 5 years. Keep watching. The should be pictures of a really nice Heritage Model, made by Judah. "Rumour has it" that it will soon be for sale.....