Sunday, August 12, 2012

A New Product Line

After 30 years working with concertinas, repairing antique vintage concertinas for 20+ years, and making almost 400 instruments, I am announcing a new line of concertinas --- The Heritage Model. This concertina will have the same attention to detail, and quality of workmanship as my other concertinas. However, for those who want something more traditional, we are now offering English-style concertina reeds. These instruments have traditional brass reed shoes and steel tongued reeds slotted into the reedpans and will follow traditional methods of construction. I have recently completed the prototype instrument and am very happy with the results. To introduce this line of concertinas, I am offering them at a special price, for a limited time only. Delivery, at this time, should be less than six months. The prototype has the "Tree of Life" stainless grills usual on my concertinas, but subsequent "Heritage Models" will have a traditional vine pattern used in earlier top-of-the-line vintage concertinas. Watch this site for photos.