Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bound for the Fleadh

Here are a couple of concertinas which have just been shipped to their new owners in New York, and New Jersey. They will be used in the competition to qualify for the All-Ireland Fleadh (competition) in Ireland. One is the Professional wooden-ended Tree of Life model, and the other is the Professional model made of a stiking piece of cocobolo. Cocobolo is an interesting wood as every piece is different in pattern and hue. Here they both are in their custom-made cases. We tried to select the lining which would be most attractive to each instrument. Coming up in the next few weeks, on order, are an ebony instrument with curly maple trim and ebony-capped handles, an Indian rosewood instrument and a birdseye concertina with Mexican bocote trim. I'm sure we will post these pictures as soon as they are ready. Please contact me at fedgley@cogeco.ca for current prices and delivery times.