Tuesday, October 24, 2017

An Unsolicited Testamonial

Dear Mr. Edgley,
Just wanted you to know how pleased I continue to be with my recently purchased concertina-- professional model with maple “tree of life” grills.  I have attempted to play during the last two decades, but without instruction, except some great books and CD’s I had found the challenge not worth the effort.  We live in the middle of blue-grass country, and not a lot of the music I love is available.
Beginning with a very inexpensive 20 button model, I was hooked.  I moved up to a better 30 button, produced in UK, but it never felt quite right—it was loud, heavy and never seemed to get “broken in.”  Early last year I found an instructor, who had some minor experience with concertinas, but was a Celtic musician and percussionist.  It’s been extremely helpful having direction regarding the inner workings of Irish music and a patient instructor.  He strongly encouraged me to watch as many YouTube videos, etc., to learn more about techniques.  I ran across Daddy Long Les Titford’s video blog regarding his own efforts to learn the Anglo even though he was well-versed in other instruments.  Watching his struggle with the purchase of at least two instruments and frustration with them, he was finally satisfied when he received one of your instruments.  After a brief interchange with him, I decided to take the plunge and order one for myself.  I must admit I kept the secret from my spouse until I received notification that you were shipping the new instrument. 
When it arrived, I immediately knew I had made the right decision.  It feels as if you customized it just for me.  The design of course was my choice, but the feel of the instrument is wonderful.  During my progress over these past two years, most has occurred since my Edgley arrived.  I love the wooden ends, design and the tone is wonderful.  It is so mellow and I may have hope that I might be able to address Irish music without a great deal of embarrassment.  My instructor also feels that the instrument responds better for me--buttons work much better, less pressure is needed, the bellow action gives more air, and the result is a smoother run of notes.   Plus, my practice time has increased substantially!
Keep up the excellent work.  It has been a pleasure to communicate with you and I will use your learning resources for many years to come.    
With highest regards,