Sunday, February 28, 2010

Edgley Concertinas Used on CD in Ireland

I recently made two concertinas for a concertina player in Ireland. One of the instruments I made for Sean is a G/D and one is a C/G. Sean O'Dwyer is a very good player, although not known on this side of the Atlantic. His style is very different than the Clare style of playing that we mostly hear. The CD contains polkas and slides, typical of the music from the Beara Penninsula, as well as some tune types we hear seldom---flings, two steps etc. His style is also more like the music we would hear in Cork and Kerry especially from box players in the Slieve Luacra region. When listening to Sean's CD I can easily imagine him fitting in quite well with players the likes of Johnny O'Leary. I am especially pleased that he chose to use two of my concertinas exclusively on this CD. I would recommend this CD to anyone who likes lively Irish music and the style of music from this region. Contact me if you would like to obtain this CD.

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  1. HI, I'd love to get this CD. Can I buy direct from the man himself? Regards, Michael