Thursday, March 11, 2021

I have recently bought two vintage concertinas, a Lachenal and Jeffries. I have been playing concertina for nearly a decade (I am now 30) and was finally at a financial point where I could afford the instrument.

I hope to buy a newly made one for playing at some point, and my absolute favourite sound on the concertina is that of Sean O'Dwyer's album Trad Music from Beara where he plays two of your own. Might I inquire as to which models of concertina those are. They sound absolutely fabulous. In addition to this, for the purposes of saving and planning, could I inquire as to the cost and what your waiting lists are usually like. Another musician I have heard is Zohra C.... of St. Louis in the US who plays your boxes.

I have listened to Suttners, Dippers and other new concertinas and I find the sound of the Edgley's most appealing of all.


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