Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Now taking orders for Bb/F Heritage concertinas

I am now taking orders for Heritage concertinas pitched in the Keys of Bb/F. As you know, my Heritage concertinas are made the traditional way, with steel reed tongues, brass reed frames, dovetailed into a hardwood reedpan. Bb/F concertinas have a very sweet tone, and are very good for accompanying singing, or playing a lot of the Scottish repertoire that you might find in "The Skye Collection," for example. The Bb/F concertina is also popular with several top Irish players who use it as a second instrument. It can be played with the very same fingering to produce familiar tunes and melodies in different keys. i.e. Bb, F, C, and Eb, being the easiest. Please contact me at fedgley@cogeco.ca or edgleyconcertinas@gmail.com .

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