Tuesday, October 28, 2014

New Policy
Whenever I make an error with an order, it is always due to a customer not using the official order form. Sometimes the official order form is not used at all, but I receive details over several e-mails. Sometimes, when I go back to confirm things on an order, different e-mails have been used to send me details, so that when I check e-mails that I have received from Johnsmith@netwire.com, for example, I miss e-mails from "Smith.J@netwire.com. From this point on, I would appreciate original orders to be on my official Order Form; and any changes to any order to be made on my official order form, and be resubmitted to me marked as "Changed Order" or "Amended Order." I have, at present, one concertina order on ten sheets of paper in the customer's bin.....very confusing! Sorry to be a bug about this, but using the official order form can save me time. Orders will be shipped sooner, and errors will be minimized. Thanks.....

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